In the 2022 season, 3 rounds of the H6 Crossing Championship will be held.

As a summary of all 3 rounds, in addition to the classification from each round, there will be a general classification that will select the best crew in each class in the 2022 season.

In 2022, there are two completely new areas to which the H6 Championship has not yet been hosted. We will try to maintain the difficulty and level of previous editions, but especially focusing on the width of the exquisite route to allow you to overtake variants, and all complemented by difficult stages in each of the classes.

Round I – 02.04 Tarnobrzeg
A place well known to the Participants, located in the forest areas surrounding Jezioro Tarnobrzeskie.

The terrain is sandy walls, with cracks, steep gorges with mud.

Round II – 16.07 Niegowonice (New terrain for H6)

The place of the Rally will be the Cabała Rally area.

The terrain is mainly a muddy crossing, through ditches, pits, ruts and a swamp.

Round III – 03.09 Jelenia Góra (New area for H6)

The place of the rally will be the training ground in Jelenia Góra – under the management of Kowary4x4
The area is nearly 100ha, very diverse terrain, there will be steep walls, swamps, water crossings in one word, everything.