Participation in the rally may be dangerous. The participant takes part in the event at his / her own risk. Each participant bears sole civil and criminal liability for any damage to persons and property caused by himself or the vehicle he uses.

I. Terminology and definitions

  1. CHL: CHALLENGE car class designation
  2. ADV: ADVANCE car class designation
  3. NOL: marking for the NO LIMIT automotive class
  4. Party, Race, Rally, Competition: H6 PMO Crossing Championship, hereinafter referred to as the Championship.
  5. Championships: H6 PMO Crossing Championships. The word Championship used in the content of these Regulations refers to any of the above-mentioned events for which the Regulations are currently applied.
  6. Crossing Control Point (PKP): a marked place on the route of the Event, where the Judges stamp the Road Card with a stamp. The next distance traveled is added to the railway station.
  7. Between the belts (MT): marking the area delineating the route – the entire route is between the belts (MT).
  8. Loop: The route is marked on both sides with tapes, starting at the place marked with the START sign and ending with the META sign.
  9. Special Section (OS): travel between the points marked “Start of OS” and “End of OS”. Before entering the OS and at its Finish Line, the Competitor’s Road Card is stamped with a stamp.
  10. Road card: Card pinned to the vehicle and sealed, on which stamps are affixed documenting the passage of subsequent railway stations
  11. Scrutineering (BK): checking the compliance of the vehicle and equipment condition with the regulatory requirements described in the Technical Conditions of the Regulations. Passing the scrutineering is obligatory, otherwise the crew will not be allowed to participate in the Event. A crew member is required to be present during the scrutineering.
  12. Competitors’ briefing: a meeting of competitors with the Rally Director before the start of the Event.
  13. Service Area: a zone designated by the Organizer for the repair of participants’ vehicles along the race route. In the Service Area, any assistance defined in chapter III point 13. As “Foreign Help”. The Organizer may resign from designating a Service Area.
  14. Driving Time Limit: the duration of the race, the same for all participants, counted from the start of the race to its end, amounting to 6 hours, divided into two 3-hour stages.

II. General and organizational information

1. General information

  1. The Championship is an integration and recreational event. The aim of the Championships is the competition of competitors taking off with off-road vehicles and selecting the best teams of the Championships.
  2. The Championship consists of three Events (Editions, Rounds)
  3. For the purposes of the Regulations, the following names are used: H6 PMO Crossing Championship, PMH6, Rally, Event, Competition, Edition, Race.
  4. All information regarding the Championship is made available to the public via the official website of the Championship available at

2. Organizational guidelines for the Championship

  1. H6 PMO Crossing Championship is the property of Xtreme Sports Sp. z o.o.
  2. The Technical and Sports Coordinator and the Rally Director appointed by the Organizer and the Chief Referee, in terms of his competence, reserve the right to interpret these Regulations and consider and settle any discrepancies and doubts that may arise in the application and interpretation of these Regulations, based on for which the Championship is being played and for making final decisions. The organizer of the Crossing Event H6 PMO Championship is: Xtreme Sports Sp. z o.o. with headquarters at ul. Księżycowej 12, 55-050 Sulistrowiczki KRS 0000940865
  3. These Regulations are valid for the given Championship from the moment it is announced on the website of the event.
  4. Załączniki do niniejszego Regulaminu, zgodnie z listą poniżej, są jego integralną częścią
  5. List of attachments: Appendix No. 1 Protest form, Appendix No. 2 Declaration of the Participant of the Championship
  6. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Event without giving any reasons for a refund of the payment made.
  7. The organizer does not take any responsibility for the costs incurred by the participants (vehicle preparation, travel, accommodation, meals) related to the canceled Rally.

3. Participants

  1. Crews must consist of two participants, i.e. the driver and the pilot. Any natural person with the appropriate driving license will be allowed to participate in the Championship as a driver. Any person will be allowed to participate in the Championship as a co-driver (pilot) – if the co-driver (co-driver) will drive the vehicle during the event, he must also have an appropriate driving license.
  2. During the race, it is possible to change places by the driver and the pilot, subject to point 3.1
  3. Crews / competitors are required to use the starting number (given by the Organizer before the Rally and published on the Rally website) in order to identify them during the Rally, and in particular when arranging all formalities at the Rally Office.

4. Administrative check at the rally

Participants whose applications have been accepted for the competition are required to submit the following documents to the Rally Office for inspection: driving licenses and the pilot, as an alternative, an identity document, at the Organiser’s request confirmation of payment for participation in the rally, in order to identify and check whether the entries are up-to-date and complete. After a positive administrative reception, the crews receive a starter package.

5. Official documents of the rally

  • Championship regulations
  • Messages
  • Landowners’ permits
  • Applications – list of applications
  • Starting list
  • Official results of the Rally
  • Requirements table for classes

III. Organization of the Championship

  1. The rally has the character of multiple overcoming the designated route between the belts limiting the track – MT, in the direction determined by the Organizer, along a closed track arranged in a loop.
  2. Before the start of the Rally, the crews receive Time Cards, which are mounted in the vehicle on a rope and secured with a seal by the Judge. Immediately after the end of participation in the Rally, the crew is obliged to return the Road Card at the place designated by the Organizer.
  3. Breaking the rope, damaging the seal, or damaging the Road Card will result in disqualification of the crew from the rally.
  4. The beginning of the route (loop) is marked with the Start table, the end of the route (loop) is marked with the Meta table.
  5. The timing starts automatically for the crew that will be started by the judge.
  6. The crews of a given class are started in accordance with the starting numbers and in the order of the starting numbers at intervals determined by the judge.
  7. Failure of the crew to appear at the start in the prescribed order will result in the start of the counting of the travel time by the Judge – the effects are synonymous with the start.
  8. The driving time of the crews is 2×180 minutes (6 hours in total). There will be an hour break after the first 180 minutes of the rally.
  9. After the agreed break, the competitors will be restarted by the Judge in the order of the starting numbers, and the crews that do not appear at the start within the set time will be counted the start time.
  10. For each lap completed, the crew scores 2 points. The completed lap is considered to be where the crew completed all special stages.
  11. For each completed OS, the crew receives points, the number of which depends on the degree of difficulty of the OS. The number of points that can be earned for each OS will be published before the rally.
  12. Only special stages completed in the applicable time are counted, provided that the lap is completed in that time. Points for stages OS completed without completing the lap within the allotted time are not counted.
  13. Crews are required to drive between the tapes marking the route of the Rally. Running outside the tapes will result in the crew being considered as having finished their rally, and their results will be counted only on the laps already completed.
  14. A crew that leaves the belt due to a vehicle breakdown or as a result of an uncontrolled excursion from the route, may return to the competition at any time in the same place where it left the belt – the crew is obliged to restore the continuity of the belts (properly tie or repair them).
  15. The crew that breaks the tape, regardless of the reason, receives a tariff for breaking the tapes in accordance with the tariff established for the time of the rally.
  16. A vehicle that re-enters the rally route from the Service Zone has an absolute obligation to yield the right-of-way to other participants on the route.
  17. Failure to give way when entering the route from the Service Zone or when returning to the route and causing a threat to other participants of the Rally or causing a collision will result in disqualification from the Rally.
  18. Moving in the Service Area at a speed higher than 5 km / h will result in a penalty in the form of deduction of points for three full laps.
  19. It is strictly forbidden to move the vehicle in the opposite direction to the route designated by the Organizer. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
  20. The time the vehicle remains off the route is not limited.
  21. If there is a traffic jam on the route of the Rally, preventing the riders from riding, the Referee, in consultation with the Rally Director, may move the tapes so that it is possible to continue the Race. The Rally Director may decide to extend the Race time by the time of blocking the route, about which the competitors taking part in the rally will be informed by placing the relevant information on the board in the zone between the META and START boards.
  22. The help of other crews participating in the Race and still on the route is allowed. It is allowed to tow each other to the Service Area.
  23. Crews are required to use protective tapes for trees if they use winches. The minimum width of the tape is 6 cm. Failure to use the tape will result in imposing a penalty and charging a tariff (table of penalties).
  24. The Organizer will inform about the duration of the Event and its Schedule during the pre-take-off briefing. The approximate time of the race and the schedule will be published on the website of the Event.
  25. While the vehicles are moving during the rally, the driver and the co-driver in the vehicle are required to wear and fasten helmets and fasten seat belts, under pain of disqualification.

IV. Scoring and classification of the championship

  1. Crew classification will be conducted separately for each class.
  2. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the start of any class with a refund. Information about this fact will be announced via the website of the Championship or at the venue of the Championship. In this case, the class in question will not be classified in the Championship concerned.
  3. All classes compete on the same Loop and designated special stages for each class.
  4. The organizer reserves the right to run the route on the same special sections for more than one class. Such information will be provided during the competitors’ briefing before the rally.
  5. It is not allowed to change the vehicle during the Event.
  6. All crews participating in the Race will be classified, where the number of completed laps is counted.
  7. Crews penalized with disqualification do not count the completed laps of the route.
  8. The judges on the route of the Rally ensure compliance with the Regulations. Each breach of the Regulations is noted by the Judge in the Judge’s Card, about which the Judge informs by giving a sound signal and indicating the crew to which the record applies. The crew has the right to immediately find out what entry was made in the Card. If the crew wants to exercise this right, they are obliged to go to the place where the judge is currently located. The judge has no right to change the entries made. The crews submit all explanations after the end of the Race at the Rally Office, to the Rally Director in the presence of the judge making the entry.
  9. Scoring – Scoring Table
  10. Kary Regulaminowe – Tabela Kar

Scoring Table

+2Take a lap
+15Completion of a Special Stage

Penalty table

-5 pointsThe tape is broken (on condition that the tape is returned to the route in the same place and the continuity of the tape is fixed)For each offense
-10 pointsPenalty for missing a special stageFor each OS missed
Withdrawal from competitionDeparture from the belt when there is no return to the route in the same place or when the route is shortened.For each offense
Disqualification + 200 PLN / cm tree circumference.Attaching the winch rope without protective tape directly to the tree or using a strap that is too narrow.For each offense
300% of the entry feeFailure to place stickers provided by the Organizer on the vehicle or helmetFor the offense
1000 PLNPollution of the environment by pouring oils, greases, fuels and other toxic operating fluids onto the ground or into water.For each offense
500 PLNContamination of the environment with solid waste, moving along the Rally route (except for sections on a public road) within 24 hours before the start and 24 hours after the end of the rally.For each offense
Disqualification– Repairs by persons other than the vehicle crew outside the service area
– Unsporting behavior
– Breaking the seal on the Road Card or other seals established by the Organizer.
– Driving without a helmet
– Being outside the vehicle on the route without a helmet
– Carrying passengers on competitors’ vehicles along the rally route
– Driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs
– Gross failure to comply with the Regulations of the event, orders of the Organizer, Judges, section managers
– Pollution of the environment by pouring oils, greases, fuels and other toxic operating fluids onto the ground or into water, and polluting the environment with solid waste, if these activities are considered to be particularly dangerous and harmful to the environment, or the crew repeatedly and deliberately committing the offenses described above. In this case, the disqualification penalty is combined with the described financial penalties – entering the rally route or SS in the direction opposite to that specified by the Organizer
For any of the listed offenses
Crew not classifiedNot returning the Road Card to the Rally Office or we will judge at the finish line, immediately after the end of the RallyFor the offense

V. General Classification of the Championship

  1. The General Classification is conducted within a given season.
  2. A season is a calendar year in which the rally cycle takes place.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to cancel a rally event included in the General Classification without giving any reason.
  4. In justified and important cases, the organizer reserves the right to exclude an event that has taken place from the General Classification.
  5. The organizer reserves the right to add (as a substitute for or additionally) a rally event to the General classification.
  6. The general classification of crews is conducted in three classes for cars: NOL, ADV, CHL
  7. The organizer reserves the right to introduce additional classes as part of the General Classification or to resign from some of the classes listed above.
  8. Crews will be classified according to the number of rounds they took part in.
  9. The place of a given crew in the General Classification is a result of the places taken in each Championship
  10. As part of the General Classification, the first 3 crews in a given class are awarded.


  1. Material prizes are funded by sponsors, the Organizer or partners.
  2. The organizer does not provide for the possibility of exchanging material prizes for cash prizes
  3. Awards are given to the top three crews in each class.
  4. The organizer may change the rules of awarding prizes.
  5. The organizers may award additional prizes.


  1. Fulfillment of the conditions set out in Chapter 7 (Approval Requirements Table) and in the remaining points of this part of the regulations is the subject of testing, including Scrutineering before and during the Rally, and the elements specified in Appendix 1 are inspected.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to check the technical condition of vehicles in order to determine the possibility of his participation in the rally not posing a threat to other participants.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce limits on the number of crews accepted in individual classes.
  4. Crews are required to appear for the briefing and scrutineering prior to the commencement of the Rally, on the date set by the Organizer.
  5. During the rally, it is not allowed to post any content commonly considered offensive on vehicles and competitors’ clothes.

VIII. Traffic

  1. All crews must comply with the provisions of the Polish Act of June 20, 1997. Road Traffic Law (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2021, items 450,463, 694, 720, 1641, 1997, 2165, 2269) – in the scope of its application to the Rally route.
  2. On the entire route of the Rally, it is necessary to follow the precautionary rules aimed at avoiding danger or not endangering the crews on the route of the Rally, judges, organizers and spectators.
  3. Vehicles traveling on public roads must have a complete set of valid documents required for the vehicle by Polish law.

IX. Final Provisions

  1. While participating in the Rally, crews must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, intoxicants, drugs that hinder driving or similar substances. The organizer reserves the right to test the crew (with the use of a breathalyzer) for the alcohol content in the exhaled air and with the use of drug tests for the presence of drugs in the body in case of suspected drug use. Drivers or pilots who are found to have an alcohol content in the exhaled air above 0.1 mg / dm3 and or the presence of drugs in the body during the Edition will be immediately disqualified from the Event or will not be allowed to start in the Event if the test is performed before the start. Refusal to undergo a breathalyzer and / or drug test is also equivalent to disqualification.
  2. For unsportsmanlike conduct, the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the crew from the Edition or not allow the crew to the next Editions. Driving, which poses a threat to the health, life and property of other participants of the Rally, is also treated as unsportsmanlike conduct. The Organizer may be informed about unsportsmanlike behavior by the Judge, another Rally Participant, persons participating in the organization of the Rally. Such notification must be made in writing, at the latest by the closing of the acceptance of protests following the announcement of unofficial results. The notification must include a description of the unsportsmanlike conduct of the crew involved, their number and class, details of the crew submitting the notification and a contact telephone number. The notification is made on protest forms available at the Rally Office and must be provided there. The judges submit the notification directly to the Clerk of the Course and the basis for submitting the notification is the Judge’s Card. Notifications submitted after the above-mentioned are invalid and the Organizer will not consider them.
  3. The participant resigning from the continuation of participation in the event is obliged to notify the Organizer as soon as possible using all available means and deliver the Road Card to the Rally Office as soon as possible. No fees are refunded to such crew.
  4. During the entire event, participants must comply with the Event Regulations, orders of the Organizer, Judges and other persons indicated and authorized by the Organizer. Any failure to comply with this requirement may result in consequences ranging from the imposition of a penalty to disqualification and exclusion from the Edition. Crews disqualified and / or excluded from the Event are not refunded any fees paid.
  5. Participants are required to:
    • Avoiding and preventing situations that may endanger the Participants of the Organizers or third parties, as well as their property.
    • Providing mutual assistance in the event of accidents or other dangerous situations for life or health.
    • Notifications about the events of the Organizers and emergency / medical services.
    • Caring for the natural environment.
  6. Protests of any kind (regarding judging, results, classification) must be submitted in writing to the Range Master no later than 15 minutes after the announcement of the unofficial results of the Event. Consideration of the protest takes place no later than 2 hours after the protest is received by the Rally Office. The verdict is made public on the notice board at the Rally Office. Complaints related to damage, loss, personal loss will not be considered. The results announced after the resolution of any protests are final and official. No applications, comments or protests submitted after the official results are announced will not be considered.
  7. The organizers do not assume any responsibility for problems resulting from the poor health of participants and viewers.
  8. The route of the Championship runs through places where normal road traffic takes place and in areas where forest and agriculture are carried out.
  9. Participation in the Rally may be dangerous. The Participant takes part in the Event at his own risk. Each participant bears sole civil and criminal liability for any damage caused by himself or the vehicle he uses. By signing the content of these regulations, the Participants hereby waive all claims against the Organizer, in particular they declare that they waive the right to initiate legal action or recourse against the Organizers, their agents, sponsors, participants and helpers, authorities, land owners and to any and all other persons related to the organization of the Event, in connection with any and all accidents or losses related to the Event, even if the accident or damage was intentional or resulting from gross negligence. These Regulations come into force for all interested parties upon returning the registration form and signing the Participant’s Declaration, which is tantamount to a declaration that the Organizers are released from liability, thus between the participants of the Rally, including all persons belonging to the team (driver, co-driver, accompanying persons, mechanics and other persons), and the Rally Organizer, including all persons acting on behalf of the Organizer, a contract is concluded. All participants of the Championships are required to read these Regulations, confirm their acceptance of its provisions with their signature and express their consent in writing to waive any claims against the Organizer by signing the Declaration. Failure to sign the Statement will result in the participant not being admitted to the given Rally Edition, without the right to return the entry fee.
  10. The Organizer is not responsible and cannot be held liable for personal and material damage, including damage caused by Rally Participants or persons related to it (guests, mechanics, service technicians and other persons) in their own property or towards other Participants or third parties.
  11. The Organizers reserve the right to make any necessary changes to the Event, resulting from force majeure, the occurrence of situations related to the need to ensure safety or ordered by authorized bodies, as well as to cancel the Event completely, if it is necessary due to unforeseen circumstances – in such a situation The organizer accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by any person.
  12. The cost of participation in the Edition is determined by the Edition Organizer and announced to the participants no later than 30 days before the Edition begins.

X. Environmental Protection

  1. Due to the need to care for the natural environment, it is unacceptable to contaminate the environment with operating fluids, used equipment and / or other waste during the Rally.
  2. Crews are required to use protective tapes for trees if they use winches. The minimum belt width in automotive classes is 6 cm for vehicles with an unladen weight of up to 2 tons and 12 for vehicles with an unladen weight of more than 2 tons. The organizer recommends using environmental mats when making repairs.
  3. A financial penalty may be imposed together with the penalty of disqualification, if the offense is considered particularly dangerous and burdensome for the environment or the crew commits another offense.

XI. Applications, fees, formalities

  1. The crew consists of two people: the driver and the pilot. The driver and the pilot can acc. change seats in the vehicle at its discretion, provided that the pilot has the appropriate driving license category.
  2. Transporting passengers during the Rally in cars entered for the Rally is prohibited and punished with disqualification due to breach of safety rules.
  3. Entry fees and applications for the Event cover the entire crew (driver and pilot). The entry fee includes: the right to enter the Rally route and participation in the competition.
  4. The amount of the entry fee in individual classes and additional fees are specified by the Organizer and published on the website.
  5. Applications for participation and the entry fee are tantamount to accepting the terms of these Regulations.
  6. The application is considered accepted upon receipt of the entry fee and after the Organizer confirms its acceptance in writing.
  7. In the event of refusal to accept the application, the Organizer will inform the Applicant about it within 10 days from the date the entry fee is credited to the account.
  8. The participant’s resignation from participation in the Rally (confirmed in writing) does not result in the Organizer’s obligation to return the entry fee. the entry fee is refunded if the resignation is made up to 30 days before the start of the Edition.
  9. If the payment is made later than 30 days before the start of the Edition, the entry fee is not refunded. Each participant is asked to complete the following benefit and sign it, no later than the day of the commencement of a given Edition of the Rally.

XII. Transitional provisions

  1. These Regulations come into force upon its publication on the website of the Championship (
  2. These Regulations are valid during the H6 PMO Crossing Championship
  3. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the Regulations, in justified cases, during the season. Any changes will be made public by publishing the new version of the Regulations on the Championship website.