It is a six-hour race full of off-road obstacles, in which competitors move along a designated route, scoring laps.

Competitors move along a fully taped loop, several kilometers long. The route is marked out through various obstacles with difficulty depending on the class of competitors.

The rally lasts 6 hours and is divided into two, 3-hour parts. During them, the crews must complete as many laps of the loop as possible. The team that completes the most laps in the shortest time wins.

The routes are characterized by obstacles of varying difficulty, such as pits, driveways, descents, swamps, ditches and specially prepared ground obstacles.

The competition takes place in three classes: NO LIMIT, ADVANCE, CHALLENGE, ROOKIE

No Limit class cars maximally modified, with a mechanical winch and any number of electric winches.

Advance class cars maximally modified, with two electric winches.

Challenge class consists of cars with a serial body and one electric winch.

Rookie class – cars with a serial body and components without an external cage and with a single-engine electric winch.